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Developer Tiers

There are two different tiers supported by the Carvoyant platform for developers depending on what you want to accomplish.

Standard Developer

This tier is for the majority of our developers.  Whether you are just trying out our service or want to jump right in and get your car connected, this is the tier to use.

There are two different API packages available, the Production API and the Sandbox API.  The Sandbox API will let you begin trying our API or testing your application without working with live vehicle data.  There are not charges associated with these calls and no hardware purchase is necessary.

Once you are ready to test your application against live data, or want to start distributing your application to other Carvoyant users, you must purchase at least one device to connect a car. Standard developer devices can be purchased here.

Strategic Partner

Some of our development customers will have needs beyond what we can provide through the Standard Developer tier.  For example, you may want to repackage data accessed through the Carvoyant API into your own API.  Pricing for this level will be negotiated on a per customer basis.  Please contact us if you think you need this tier.


API Pricing

Once you are ready to start distributing your application to Carvoyant users, there will be per user costs associated with the API calls.  Standard pricing is $1.00 per month per connected Carvoyant account.  So for example, if your application has 50 registered Carvoyant drivers using it, your monthly bill would be $50.  That gives you full access to all data provided by the Carvoyant API for each driver account (of course, goverened by our Terms of Use!).

If you do not need access to the full data set and are only interested in subscribing to specific events from the Carvoyant driver, please contact us at support@carvoyant.com and we can discuss per event pricing.

Connecting Services

Some of our development customers will also be looking to bring on new Carvoyant users.  These customers will have a user base that needs to have their vehicles connected instead of accessing already connected customers.  If you are interested in also being a connecting partner, you can review our pricing information here.  Please contact us if we can help you further.