Carvoyant Branding Guidelines

Your use of the Carvoyant API requires the appropriate attribution to Carvoyant.  This involves the display of a "Carvoyant Enabled" logo on any Developer Application that utilizes Carvoyant API calls.  One of the following logos must be displayed on any web site, mobile application or other environment that is backed by Carvoyant API calls.  This includes applications that are using data retrieved from the Carvoyant API, even if those applications are not directly calling the Carvoyant API.

Carvoyant API Logos


Colorized (Download .PNG)

Black & White (Download .PNG)



The use of the colorized or black & white logo is at the discretion of the Developers.  However, logos must remain completely unaltered, including, but not limited to, no color changes, resize or background changes.

The Carvoyant API Logo must include a link to


The Carvoyant API Logo should not be the most prominent or sole logo / branding on the Developer Appication.

Do not use the logo or text attribution in a way that would suggest that Carvoyant promotes or endorses you or any third party or the causes, ideas, web sites, products or services of you or any third party.

For applications that do not easily support logos or where Carvoyant API and its associated data are used in alternative media formats, you must contact Carvoyant for alternative branding instructions prior to releasing your application to the public.

Prior written consent from Carvoyant is required to use the Carvoyant API and its associated data without attribution.