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Best Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

    • engola
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    The New <strong><a href="">Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon</a></strong> Celebrates Samurai Culture With Its Crafted Dial <p>Richard Mille's latest creation, the RM47 Tourbillon, is an artistic tribute to Japanese culture and its samurai tradition. This intricately crafted timepiece was created in collaboration with two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso. In fact, it was during a conversation with brand founder Richard Mille that Alonso's passion for traditional Japanese arts and samurai principles eventually gave birth to the idea for the project. It took Richard Mille nearly four years from the conception stage to the completion of the project, which required collaboration with some of the finest watchmakers and craftsmen. The watch's ornate skeletonized dial pays homage to Bushido by paying homage to one of the most famous moments in Japanese history - the Forty-Seven Ronin Incident - a group of samurai avenging the death of their master Asano Naganori.</p> <p>The dial of the new RM47 Tourbillon <strong><a href="">replica mens watches</a></strong> is adorned with golden samurai armor and a pair of swords, painstakingly hand-engraved and painted by husband-and-wife team Pierre-Alain and Val?rie Lozeron. &quot;Between the sword and the chisel, between the edge of the blade and the cut defined by the precision of the carver's skill, there are many parallels that evoke the parallels between the qualities of these warriors and those required by our artistic craft place,&quot; said Pierre-Alain Lozeron. According to Richard Mille, each piece took 16 hours to engrave, followed by nine hours of hand-painting.</p> <p>Richard Mille had to use an extremely compact movement for this watch designed to make room for samurai clothing. The tourbillon is decorated with the two crossed falcon feathers of the Asano family at six o'clock. In addition, the winding crown has another important Japanese symbol-the maple leaf. Baseplate and skeletonized bridges in black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium. The movement is housed in the tonneau-shaped case, which has a three-piece construction consisting of a 3N yellow gold case band, black TZP ceramic bezel and case back.<strong><a href="">luxury watches replicas</a></strong></p> <p>Richard Mille: RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph ROBERTO MANCINI</p> <p>Introduced in 2013, the RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini was born out of a musing between the Italian coach and Richard Mille on how to resolve one of the coach's most pertinent issues on the pitch, namely how much playing time was left before the end of the game. game over?</p> <p>The idea of creating a mechanical watch with a dedicated dial to track the two 45-minute clocks, tackles and overtime seemed obvious. However, the display combined with the use of the flyback chronograph allows Roberto to fully grasp the time on the field: &quot;As coaches, we have the responsibility to guide our players perfectly. That's why time needs to be controlled and managed. It Is one of the parameters that can mean victory or defeat. The last few seconds can be decisive because they still have a chance to change the outcome of the game.&quot;<strong><a href="">fake watches for sale</a></strong></p> <p>The new RM 11-04 does not miss out on the ingenuity of the RM 11-01, while incorporating the brand's latest stylistic codes, as seen in the new lines of the crown, variable geometry rotor and case. Carbon TPT Super Sport(R) with raised styling. The colors of the Italian flag, the tricolor, and the official shade of blue that give the Azzurri their nickname, are a nod to Roberto Mancini's sporting past as a footballer for the national team. They display themselves all the way around the movement and adorn the bezel, crown, buttons and rubber strap, the latter with a titanium deployant clasp. The new case contains the RMAC3 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 55 hours, a skeletonized design in grade 5 titanium, a flyback chronograph and an annual calendar. <strong><a href="">watch replicas cheap</a></strong></p>

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