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    So you're a developer that wants to build the next cool connected car app? Maybe you want to have your car integrated with your home security system? Or perhaps automatically suggest traffic routes to you? Maybe you're a business owner that wants your customers to be automatically notified when their order is en route? These are just some of the ideas we've heard developers talk about. What's your idea?

    Of course, if you want to build a connected car application, you need a connected car. Developers want to focus on what they're good at. They don't want to worry about how to actually connect a car or how to manage that connectivity, they just want to treat it like everything else in the digital world - access it through an API! And that's where we come in!

    Carvoyant provides the tools needed to connect any car from 1996 and newer to your application. We manage the connectivity, monitor the information flow and normalize it into a standard set of RESTful APIs that developers can easily integrate into their own applications.

    The best way to get started is to register as a developer and request a trial key. This will give you 30 days of access to some test vehicles to let you get familiar with what our platform can do. When you're ready, you can order a developer device and start working with the data from your personal vehicle. As your application moves from the proof of concept, through testing through active deployment, we can help you connect your customers. With our growing fleet of connected drivers, we also have opportunities for you to market your application to cars that are already connected.

    Carvoyant's API gives you visibility into your car about information including geo-location, speed monitoring, battery voltage, engine speed, engine temperature, miles driven and the mysterious check engine light. As the connected car technology improves, the Carvoyant API will grow with it providing even more information to our developers. Leaving our developers to focus on providing amazing applications to their customers.

    Let's go build something cool!

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